1266 :|||||| that number is super super scary but I’m determined to keep it like this! I’ve felt way more energetic today and not like I just wanted to lay in bed all day like I did when I was majorly restricting, plus I’ve been in a better mood (sorta!) and I’m not as cranky as I was when I was purposely going hungry just to try and drop a few lbs. I don’t want to do this the unhealthy way, I want to be healthy and enjoy food and make new healthy recipes for myself and new meals! The fear of the number of calories in things is always going to be with me but I have to learn that as long as what I’m eating isn’t processed or full of fat/sugar then the calories are ok and they’re for energy rather than for weight gain! This is going to be a long battle and a long journey for me mentally, emotionally AND physically but I’m determined. The healthier I do this, the longer the weight will stay off. I can do this, I know I can. If I keep my calorie intake under 1000 every day (that’s after exercise so the calories burned will basically help me out!) then I will lose around 2-3 lbs a week, roughly. I’m okay with that. I can and will do this the right way :)

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  1. palmkid said: good luck!! im sure you’ll do fantastic :)
  2. lolalitah said: you are going just fine (: dont worry, i believe in you. i love you beautiful <3
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